And in that moment our eyes met. Wonder filled his eyes of ocean blue like rivers flowing into each other. It wasn’t quite wonder, though. It might have been what wonder and the look a shocked animal would make combined, but here was definitely some wonder. He stared at me a moment before we exchanged any words or acknowledgement that each other are actual people standing there. It was if we had been in a John Hughes film, the moment seemed too scripted or something along those lines. Two people sharing a connection over a mutual interest, but yet it was different from classic eighties films. It might have been the mutual interest of a television show that lead to a conversation, but it was so much more that led to my increasing interest with the boy who would soon be the one that fills up my thoughts night and day. With every movement he made, I saw a bit more of him. The way his hand would graze through his hair of golden wheat on a summer’s day, making it lay perfectly. The way he would take a quick glance down at his feet every once and a while or let out a quaint chuckle when the moment allowed him to, but the thing that won over my interest wasn’t any of those things. It was his smile. This was a smile that could lighten anyone’s heart. A smile that makes my stomach flip and my heart pound with the rhythm and tempo of an African drum. A smile that I saw the moment our eyes met and words broke the surface. And though that moment can’t be repeated, it is that expression on his face I wish I could see again. It was so full of awe and wonder that would make any girl melt, but intimidation and shock demonstrated a fear of rejection and insecurity. It is an expression that is so vulnerable and inviting that I couldn’t turn down. I couldn’t turn away.

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